How to I Tell Him I Like Him

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Figuring out “how to I tell him I like him” can be a daunting task, especially when you want to ensure that your feelings are expressed clearly and without any misunderstandings. This guide provides various methods that will help you approach the situation with confidence, allowing you to express your feelings in a genuine and authentic manner. By following these steps, you’ll have the opportunity to build a strong foundation, discover common interests, and ultimately, let him know that you like him.

Body Language as a Tool

Your body language can show a guy that you want to be more than just friends. When you talk to him, turn toward him and maintain eye contact. Don’t get distracted and don’t check your phone. Play with your hair when you talk to him. It’s a great way to flirt and show a little nervousness. Occasionally break eye contact and look down. You’ll be adorably shy.

Don’t forget to smile. Your smile shows him that you value him. You don’t even need a special reason to smile.

Continue to face him. If you’re sitting, cross your legs toward him. If you’re standing, turn your shoulders toward him.


The more you flirt with him, the more it will be clear that you like him. Start carefully and gradually escalate. There are many ways to flirt with guys:

  • Talk in a slightly softer voice and turn toward him.
  • Touch him on the hands, tease him, and try to build a strong connection.
  • Laugh. The guy doesn’t have to be particularly funny for you to laugh. Laughter shows that you’re having a good time with him.

Most importantly, don’t overdo it. Women should flirt very subtly.

How to Tell Your Crush You Like Them

Gently touches

When you have a stronger relationship, don’t be afraid to lightly touch him on the arm or shoulder. You can touch him more often, or even hug him when you greet him. When you break the touch barrier, the guy will see that you want to get closer to him.

Be careful not to embarrass him. Sometimes he should also touch you.

If you’re getting closer to a guy and you’ve been working out together, offer him a massage. If he likes you, he’ll say yes, and you’ll have taken a big step forward.


Show appreciation for the man by giving him compliments. Praise his appearance, abilities, or personal qualities.

Inquiring About His Interests

Ask if he is interested in someone or what kind of girlfriend he imagines. This shows interest in his life and lets him know that you’ve thought about him.

Expressing Willingness to Date Someone

Mention that you would like to date someone and that you are looking forward to having a boyfriend. List the qualities you like in a man.

Encourage Him to Invite You on a Date

Ensure he invites you on a date by mentioning your weekend plans or sharing your common interests. Wait to see if he invites you to an activity or event.

Emphasize Your Appearance

Express your interest in a man by taking care of your appearance. Pay attention to your hair, subtle makeup, and wearing nice clothes. Be yourself and, if you feel good, don’t be afraid to be a bit sexy.

How to Tell a Guy You Like Him

How to I Tell Him I Like Him

Ensure That He Likes You Too

Make sure you’re also appealing to him. There’s no foolproof way to determine if he likes you, but you should at least observe his signals. It’s better to wait and notice signs of affection rather than surprising him with an early confession of feelings. Watch the following and try to determine if he sees you as more than just a friend:

Pay attention to what he says. If he consistently compliments you, inquires about your life, and talks about wanting to date someone, it means he likes you.

Observe his actions. If he likes you, he will try to spend as much time with you as possible, want to touch you, and perhaps do nice things for you just because.

Notice his appearance. If he always makes an effort when you go out together, it could mean he likes you.

Monitor his proximity to you. If he tries to spend as much time with you as possible, even when it’s not a date, he probably likes you.

Tell Him You Like Him

If subtle signals aren’t enough, it’s time to gather the courage and tell the man directly that you like him. Choose a good place and time to be alone and at ease together. Try to be relaxed and simply tell him about your feelings. Don’t pressure him for a response; give him time.

Relax and don’t be afraid. Even if he doesn’t want you, at least you’ll know where you stand and can move on.

Don’t push him, speak slowly, and avoid rattling off a thousand reasons why you like him.

React Appropriately

If he likes you, you can hug him or show your joy in some other way. Then you can start discussing your relationship. But if he doesn’t like you, don’t be discouraged. Show that you are mature and avoid being angry or sad.

If it turns out he likes you, you can both laugh about how you tried to win him over.

If he doesn’t like you, don’t be sad about it. It doesn’t mean anything, and you’ll surely find someone who will love you.

Get to Know Him

Become Friends

If you want to start dating him, you’ll need to build your relationship on some foundation. If you’re not friends yet, you should become friends with him. Doing so will show him you like him. If he doesn’t know you and isn’t aware of who you are, it would be difficult to confess your feelings. As friends, you can verify whether you’re truly compatible and have a chance to show him how great you are.

Be friendly with him. Don’t ask him overly personal questions. Stay calm and start building mutual trust.

Naturally transition into friendship. Don’t smother the man with your presence; simply gradually extend the time you spend together naturally.

Don’t get stuck in the friend zone. You should be friends with the man but not such good friends that you lose the chance of dating him in the future.

How to I Tell Him I Like Him

Begin With Your Shared Interests

If you want to get to know the man, you can start talking about what you have in common – from families to favorite sports teams. If you don’t have much in common, you can learn from each other and maybe find that you’re interested in his hobbies too. You can also pretend to be more into sports than you actually are.

Men like talking about sports. If you both like the same team, you can talk about it. If not, learn about his favorite teams and impress him with your knowledge.

Music also connects people. Find out if you listen to the same music, and if not, ask for recommendations. When you’re good friends, you can even make a custom CD with your favorite music for him.

Talk about your families, like siblings or pets you had when you were younger.

Find out if you like the same food. If you both love sushi, he’ll likely invite you to a nice dinner at a sushi bar sooner or later.

Laugh at the Same Things

Find something you can laugh at together, whatever it may be. When you laugh together, your bond will be stronger, and you’ll show the man that you’re fun to be around.

If you find something that only the two of you can laugh at because others won’t understand, it’s even better.

You can laugh at the same TV show, animals, or a funny teacher. The important thing is to laugh together.

Get to Know His Friends

The way to a man’s heart is through the respect of his friends. If his friends like you, you have a better chance of him eventually falling in love with you. When you’re nice to his friends, you show him that you’re a pleasant person who can get along with everyone. Moreover, if you didn’t care about him, you certainly wouldn’t be interested in spending time with his friends.

You should get to know his friends, but don’t attend every gathering, especially if it’s a “guys’ night.”

Offer Help

Once you get to know each other a bit, you can offer to drive him somewhere or help him with something. While it might just be a small gesture of friendship, you’ll show him that you care about him. Just be careful not to always be the one doing things for him.

If he doesn’t come to school, bring him his homework.

If you’re on your way to see him and you’re buying coffee, buy something for him as well.

Don’t overdo it. You’re not his girlfriend yet, so you shouldn’t be doing his laundry or shopping for him.

Ask for His Number

If you’ve been friends for a while and spend time together, it’s natural to ask for his number. Act casually and don’t treat it as if you’re asking him on a date. Just ask if he can give you his number so you can text him about what time to meet or where a party is happening. If he’s a decent man, he’ll give you his number without any issues.

Once you have his number, you can contact each other more frequently. You can start texting and gradually move your relationship to the next level.

When you have his number, don’t always be the one initiating conversation. Wait for him to text you as well.

Telling someone you like them can be scary, but it’s important to remember that rejection is not the end of the world. Be confident, communicate your feelings clearly, and be prepared for any outcome. Whether he feels the same way or not, you’ll be proud of yourself for taking the risk and putting yourself out there.

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